Let's Get Social

Bespoke Social Media Content Creation & Strategy for
Woo-centric, Health & Wellness Biz Owners

You’re overwhelmed by the things on your to-do list

You feel like you should be using social media to market your business, but you have no idea how to start or when you’re going to have the time to do it. Your competitors? They’re KILLING IT on the ‘gram. How can you even keep up?

All these trends and tactics you have to learn to play the social media game make you feel inauthentic and sleazy. Why would dancing in a reel even bring the right people to you anyway?

You think that eventually you will have time, but your list of to-dos keeps growing. If you’re being honest, adding one more thing to that list may cause you to throw in the towel on this whole entrepreneur thing after all.

You just wish that you had some help with this whole social media game so that you could focus on doing the work in your business and serving your clients.

Showing up on social media doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating anymore—
let me show you.

What if you knew how to leverage social media to work for you to attract your ideal clients?

Now, you’ve got the tools and the support to show up on social media in a way that feels authentic and works for you.

You’re no longer intimidated by the whole social media marketing thing. Actually, you’re excited to post and engage on social media! You feel like you have your own in-house marketing team at your fingertips!

You trust that your social presence is working to attract your ideal clients so that you can help them with their own transformations.

Let's Get Social is a 1 month done-for-you service where you’ll go from intimidated and overwhelmed by social media marketing for your business to feeling confident, supported and empowered to show up on social and grow your audience.

Hi! I'm Athena

I’m a marketing strategist who works with wellness and woo-centric small businesses that struggle with marketing their business. I create bespoke content and marketing strategies that help them grow their business so they can get back to loving life and spend more time with the people they value most. 

Social Media Kick Start

As a result of this done-for-you service, you will…

What does a month of done-for-you Social Strategy look like?

This is all the prep work you need to rock your social media game. Below is everything included in this service. Which typically takes about 1 month to complete. (Click the arrows to read more)

Deep-dive strategy session with me to review your current marketing strategy and goals. Here we will discover together what is working, what is not working and what you really want to improve on in the marketing of your business.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Goals Aligned With Business Goals

To be completed by you, the expert on your clients

I go into your accounts and update all profile images, descriptions and bios to present your business on each platform in the best way to gain more followers.

This step is crucial to make sure that the work we do on your social media efforts results in actual sales and list building, because without a list, you are at the mercy of the platfoms.

Includes: opt-in ideation/creation, email client setup/optimization, 3 email templates for various needs within your email marketing strategy.

This is the key to a strong social media strategy. Having a system in place that will keep you on track with your social media goals. You get my system all set up complete with calendars, templates and spreadsheets, plus the training to understand how it all works together to keep it running smoothly.

What good is all this work on content creation and engagement if you don’t have the numbers to back it up? This spreadsheet will help you track how you are doing on your social media goals. Simple and easy to use so that you can see exactly what is working and what is not working.

  • Content calendar with Social media days, your business promotions and events
  • Content pillars with 100+ ideas for posts (that’s over 3 months of daily posts!)
  • Hashtag research and strategy
  • First 3 months of content ideas on a visual calendar
  • Up to 10 Instagram highlight covers
  • 20 static feed post templates built in Canva or Adobe Express
  • 5 carousel post templates built in Canva or Adobe Express
  • 10 branded story templates built in Canva or Adobe Express
  • 5 video templates built in Canva or Adobe Rush

90 days after you’re up and running, I’ll perform another social media audit to see how the strategy is doing for you and make recommendations based on the analytics.

Even if you’ve tried all the trending tactics, googled all the social strategies (that’s a thing, right?) and hired your friend’s daughter to manage your social accounts, you can finally get back to serving your clients and I can help you set up the systems to manage your social media with confidence.




If you need, I offer a 2 part payment plan: 50% due on signing, 50% due before templates and systems are released.

Interested in working with me?

Awesome! Here’s how we do this:

Step 1

You fill out this form to set up a consult.

Step 2

Within 24 hours (biz days only), I will get back to you with a calendar link to schedule and a discovery questionnaire to fill out.

Step 3

We’ll have the consult and I’ll clarify any additional information I need to start the work. If we are a good fit, I will send a proposal outlining all the above plus any additional recommendations and homework to allow me to get started on the work.

Step 4

You will pay the fee by the invoice sent with the proposal (payment plan in two parts if necessary) and then get to work on the homework.

Step 5

After I receive your completed homework, I will reach out to schedule your strategy session and get started on the work.

Have questions? Email me here - ap [at] athenapatacsil [dot] com


Is this Social Media Management?

No. This is the prep work to get you started on your social media marketing journey. If you’d like monthly management, you can learn more here.

Which platforms do you specialize in?

Instagram and Pinterest

Why do I need a strategy for social media marketing?

A strategy can streamline your marketing efforts and offer benchmarks to measure how you are doing on social media. Hint: follower count doesn’t matter.

What if I already have a strategy and just need the templates?

I create bespoke templates based on brand guidelines. You can learn more about this offering in my a la carte services.

Why would I need this service?

If you’ve been trying your hand at the social media game and have not been successful at growing an engaged community that is clicking through to your site to make you money, then this service is for you. 

What if the strategy doesn’t work?

A strategy is just that, a strategy. It is not a proven system with proven results. No one can guarantee how your posts will land with your audience. And that is why strategies must be flexible, to shift and change as you learn what your audience wants and doesn’t want. It takes as long as 6 months to see if a strategy is working. This is why I am including a 90 day audit to help you discover how the strategy is working and what needs to be tweaked about it.

Not quite ready for the full service option?

I get it. Sometimes you need something a little more approachable and like to DIY. Check out my a la carte offerings here